Il benvenuto da Halfton Class Europe

30 03 2008

Dear Massimo & Marina,

Many thanks for your kind email. We’re very pleased to learn that all our efforts are being fruitful… We had hoped that the French would have been the first to really pick up the idea, as France can be considered as the ‘half ton country’, but you’ve clearly beaten them, and we find that f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c !!

I’ve been following your association via your website since quite some time and must agree: Italians do it with style… Our own website definitely needs some major refit, I admit, and your site will guide us.
We will of course add all the proposed italian boat-types to the list of ‘series-build’ halftonners.

As to what your question about our choice of rating is concerned, it is quite simple: IOR was indeed an ORC-invention, but since in Belgium, France and England the ORC-rating is inexistant… We are however very satisfied with IRC (which is the only rating system used here), which seems to fit our older boats very well.

Dear Massimo and Marina,
we really hope (we do not even doubt about it) that your Italian halftonner association will have a very long life, and that you enjoy racing in halftonners as much as we do… Since some of us have trailers, it might not be unthinkable that we join you for a regatta. Some mountains between France and Italy will certainly not stop us…

If you or some of your friends are interested, we could even find you a competitive boat to allow an italian team to participate at the 2009 Half Ton Cup, here in Belgium (end of August). Let us know…

Best regards,

Bert Janssen & Philippe Pilate & Anna Brooke & Didier Dardot
Half Ton Class Europe